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Please view the PDF’s for information regarding your steam equipment.


Please view the PDF’s for information regarding your steam equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every steam room is unique; therefore different procedures may be required to correctly size a steam generator to your shower enclosure. Please view the directions below:


To select the proper size of steam generator, calculate the cubic footage in the following manner:

1. Depth x Width x Height = CUBIC FOOTAGE. (Do not deduct for seating.)

2. Add to Cubic Footage Calculations for Wall and Ceiling Material.

Material % Adjustment
Acrylic or Fibreglass 0%
Ceramic Tile, Cultured Marble, 1/4″ thick 30%
Ceramic Tile, 3/8″ or thicker 100%
Glass or glass block wall 15%
Natural Stone (marble, onyx, slate) or ½” thick material. 100%
Steam lines over 20 feet (Insulate heavily) 25%
Cast iron tub 25%
Exterior walls subject to freezing 30%


JR-1 JR-2 JR-3 JR-4
Maximum Calculated Cubic Feet: 90 175 260 375

The line voltage must be specified when ordering. Single family dwellings usually have 240 Volts AC while condominiums usually have 208 Volts AC. Note: Use Copper Wire Only.

The above information represents suggestions only. Each steam room is unique. RELAX-A-MIST® manufactures steam generators only and therefore cannot warrant information given regarding steam room materials or construction techniques. Final selection of the steam room temperature setting and the duration of stay, is at the discretion of the operators or owners.

The purpose of a steam bath much like a sauna is to make you sweat. The average body temperature is 37°C (98.6°F), therefore; your steam room temperature should be hotter than your body temperature to maximize the benefits received. Generally steam bathing temperature ranges from 100 ~ 110°F (37.7°C ~ 43.3°C). Always remember to listen to your body and remove yourself from a steam room if it is too hot.

*Disclaimer* Pregnant women, people with heart complications and / or high blood pressure should avoid using a steam room unless otherwise directed by their respective physicians.

A steam room that doesn’t reach its optimum temperature within the prescribed amount of time has been undersized. The best remedy is to install the proper size steam generator for your application. Just remember the power wire in your wall is sized to the generator, and when upgrading to a larger size, a new power wire and breaker may need to be installed as well.
First, determine whether you have the QTT™ (3 buttons) or the T&T™ (5 buttons) control. If you have the QTT™, simply touch the On/Off button on the far right side of the control. The display should show “30″ which represents minutes. The steam generator will start filling your shower with steam within minutes. Remember all rooms need a preheat time of approximately 15 minutes. Set your QTT™ control to 45 by pressing the up arrow and enter the shower once the time reaches 30 min or when you feel the desired temperature is appropriate for you. If operating the steam generator with a T&T™ control, operation is similar to the QTT™; except that you can control a maximum temperature and have the added convenience of a waterproof hand held remote control. The T&T™ control has memory and will save your favorite settings for your next steam!

Yes! Place a few drops of your favorite pure essential oil on the top “tear drop” reservoir of the Relax-A-Mist™ steam nozzle or into the top opening of the steam diffuser. The oils will diffuse into the steam, giving you the ultimate aromatherapy steam experience. Commercial SG series steam generators have the opportunity to add-on a scent pump that effortlessly injects pure essential oil directly into the steam lines

*Disclaimer* Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils may result in illness or complications and users should consult their respective physicians before using any aromatherapy.

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