Where it all started

It all started in the late seventies when the RELAX-A-MIST® designer, after enjoying a steam bath in his hotel room could not find a Canadian supplier of steam generators.

Being a crafty Canadian, he decided to build his own steam generating equipment. As his project developed, great interest was generated among his fellow business associates at the local Rotary Club. By the time his steam generator project was completed, there were a number of orders received. The decision was made to seek the approval of the regulatory bodies such as the Canadian Standards Association (C.S.A). Once the approval was completed and a C.S.A mark could be applied to the product, he went into production. The first public showing was at the B.C. Home Show in 1979.


Early Model Development

Leisure Baths Ltd. was formed to manufacture and market the Relax-A-Mist® steam generator in Canada through a distributor and service network. Distributors and Service Depots are now in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia (for the maritime provinces). At the request of prospective United States customers, UL* listing certification has been approved.

The original criteria as set out for the design of the Relax-A-Mist® included:

  • Material used in the boiler must be electrolytically compatible with residential and commercial copper piping.
  • Any sub assemblies purchased for installation into the generator must be of the highest possible quality and be acceptable to both C.S.A and UL*
  • The boiler must out-perform competitive units.

This criteria was met, resulting in four models of our SG series of residential steam generators being C.S.A certified. These boilers received wide acceptance through our regular distribution as well as by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) market.

RELAX-A-MIST® is proudly part of the Leisure Baths Ltd. products.

*UL provides safety-related certification, validation, testing, inspection, auditing, advising and training services to a wide range of clients, including manufacturers, retailers, policymakers, regulators, service companies, and consumers.

Developing a product

In order to meet the demands of the institutional or commercial steam bath needs, a commercial steam generator was engineered. We now have six steam generators in our commercial SG series.

“These generators are designed with easy-to-use built-in controls for all day long steam room operation.”

With dual temperature control and self cleaning features, these units soon became very popular among health clubs, gyms, public pools, community centers, and residential high-rises in the Canadian marketplace.

To satisfy the residential OEM requirements, the residential SG series was re-designed to make a high quality and long life lineup of steam generators. In addition to the above criteria, the following changes were made:

  • Remove all moving parts from the boiler and replace with electronic controls.
  • The boiler must fit under the seat of the acrylic or fiberglass shower stall or bath tub.

Meeting the total criteria, while maintaining a high standard of quality , four models of residential “JR series” steam generators were C.S.A certified. These generators have been marketed since 1986 and have been so successful that the original SG residential generators have been discontinued.