Quick Touch Timer

With a gentle press of just one button, the Relax-A-Mist® Quick Touch Timer will bring your steam room to life. The timer control counts down and automatically turns off your steam generator so you don’t have to. At any moment, you can increase or decrease the duration of your desired setting; letting the control do the rest while you steam your stresses away. The Quick Touch Timer can be mounted either inside or outside the shower enclosure, and has a maximum duration of 60 minutes.

Steam Nozzles & Escutcheons

The Relax-A-Mist® Tear Drop steam nozzles are the standard nozzles that are supplied with our residential “JR” series steam generators. This nozzle has a built in essential oil reservoir so the user can enjoy aromatherapy inside their steam room, creating the ultimate steam experience. Any fragrance of pure essential oil may be used.

Manual Drain Valve

Electronic Drain Valve

Eucalyptus Oil

Time & Temperature Control

The Relax-A-Mist® Time and Temperature Control enhances your steam bathing experience by remembering your favorite time and temperature settings. Once the temperature set point is reached, the control automatically cycles your steam generator, keeping the room at a consistent temperature. When the time limit on your control expires, the control will automatically turn off your steam generator, completing your steam bathing experience. Should you feel the need to adjust the time or temperature during your steam bath, a waterproof hand held remote control can be used from the comfort of inside or outside your steam room. The control must be mounted inside the shower enclosure and has a maximum time limit of 60 minutes, and maximum temperature setting of 48.8°C (120ºF). The Relax-a-Mist® Time and Temperature Control offers an experience unique to each individual within the comfort of their own personal steam bath.


The Relax-A-Mist® steam diffuser gently disperses steam evenly through the opening around the front of the diffuser. Great care was taken while designing the steam diffuser so that a person in proximity of the diffuser has a lesser chance of being burned by exiting steam. The steam diffuser has an aroma therapy reservoir on the top for essential oil diffusion.

Commercial Twin stand

Commerical Scent Pump